Home Maintenance & Hand Tools

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Have you been looking for a new apartment lately? Do you wish to remodel your boring home or office interiors? Or are you in the construction business and wish to be in touch with the ongoings in the industry? Here’s your blog then! At BRC-Homes, we write and post all about buildings, construction and designs, for those who are professionals or simply wish to handle their own tasks, or those needing some expert assistance in the area. Learn about materials, buying tools and using them, remodeling house interiors or exteriors, or buying, selling or renting a new home or office space. Also,...

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Home Decor Haul

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Everyone wishes to decorate their house and renovate it, but cost is a vital factor in improving or renovating your home. We often think of cost and postpone our plans every time. But here is a way you can renovate your home with a minimum cost and by using your existing items. Just plan the change and utilize the things around you so that the cost is within your pocket. Redesign it with a new look with painting the walls, changing the curtains and utilizing the existing curtains into cushion covers or door mat covers.  By recycling the existing items we can not only save money but can make...

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How to design a small rental apartment – Tiny Amazing Eclectic Space video

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Creating the perfect look for the house on a budget is a very difficult feat to perform, especially when it comes to decorating the interiors to suit your sensibilities. Doing so in a small rented apartment is limits the possibilities even more. Have a look at this amazing video by Janet Lee who shows you how easy it is to decorate a small rented apartment to create the eclectic interiors that suit your style. Whether it is decorating the walls with cheap knick knacks or de-cluttering your kitchen to create space and optimize utility, Janet Lee takes you on a tour of how to lay out the...

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