DIY Tips for a Modern and Sleek Staircase

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DIY Tips for a Modern and Sleek Staircase


Unless one is ready climb the walls to reach the higher floor staircases play a very important role in making a house or redoing a house.  As the world today is changing so are the ideas and designs changing.  The modern and sleek staircase plays a very important part in the house. To avoid the tedious task of surveying the market and finding a person to come and make a stair case it would be more practical to go in for a Do it yourself kit. It keeps us occupied on weekends and the satisfaction that we did the work ourselves. Our heart will swell with pride once the project is over and we are given accolades by our friends and relatives.


The first job is to take an exact measurement of the space where the staircase needs to being placed. Depending on the space available in the hallway decision can be made to place the stairs either in the centre or on either of the sides. Placing the staircase in the centre will give a very grand look to the stairway. Once the place is decided then the kind of material we want either wooden or glass or any other has to be determined.  Every kind of make is available in the market.  Wood can add a traditional element to a stairway. combined with glass it can be strikingly modern. DIY kits also have hand railings. It not only adds to the grandeur of the stairway but also helps to set a stylish tone to the abode. There are designer stairs available, which can be matched with the walls or the floor. These stairs give a gay look to the stairway.  One needs to also determine whether anti slip needs to be added to the steps.  This is very required when there are elders in the house.


There are shops which customise modern stairs and handrails based on our requirements. We need to give them the measurement and our requirement as to the material or the handrail and it is delivered.  Care should be taken that even though it is interesting with a DIY kit the stairs have height and while fixing safety measures needs to be maintained. All the required tools like pliers, screws, nails, hammer a foldable ladder needs to be kept ready before starting he work. It is better to have another person for help. In case the steps are long and big then holding them and fixing them all by you may not be possible. Also while fixing the hand railing it will be in two parts one from the hall to the landing and from the landing to the floor. It can be curved or straight. Either way having an extra hand as help is needed.


If the economics don’t work out all at one go the whole process can be done in parts. Like firs the stairs can be fitted. Later the handles can be fitted.  This will also help to understand practically whether one needs a hand railing or not.