Five reasons to rent a home before you buy one

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When the time comes that we will be moving out on our own, one of the choices we have to make is whether to buy or rent a home. Though most people would want to buy a house of their own as soon as possible, there are benefits to choosing from the many rental properties available on the market.

While owning your own house is great, here are 5 reasons why considering rental properties as your first choice would be better:

1. Settle in better neighborhoods.

When you buy a house, you are not only buying a structure, its environment is also part of the deal. Nicer neighbourhoods tend to have pricier homes, and unless you’ve got tons of cash, not really an ideal choice for your first home. There are a lot of rental properties located in great neighbourhoods, and will allow you to live while spending a fraction of what you would in homeownership costs.

2. Moving is easier and much cheaper.

The problem with being a homeowner is that moving out is no simple task. Often repairs have to be made before they can put the house on the market, which means you’ll likely have to spend a pretty penny before you can get yourself packed up and ready to go. Rental properties on the other hand do not require you to do any of this. Once your lease is over, you can move out anytime without any responsibilities for the house.

3. No debts, no problem.

Choosing one of the many available rental properties means that your responsibility is only for the monthly rent and the utilities. Purchasing a home, however, will most likely mean that you have to take out a loan. This can be a setback for any future plans you may have and leave you with a hefty sum in debt. This is one of the major reasons why some people would rather choose rental properties because it would mean that they can be more financially stable. No one wants to go through life with debts hanging over their heads.

5.A temporary home for the short-term.

Rental properties are more suitable for those whose jobs require them to constantly relocate, or those looking for a temporary place to live. You don’t have to worry about any financing, interest rates, or the usual things that homeowners do. When the time comes that you need to pack up and leave, relocating somewhere else is a simple matter.

5 .HakunaMatata! It means no worries! Economically, that is.

As a renter, a crash of the real estate market is not a problem. You have nothing to worry about as your rent will most likely remain the same. The owners of the rental properties are the ones who are going to be affected and they know that raising their rent will have the potential to drive their renters away.

Though these may seem like very good reasons to keep on renting forever, you may still want to save up for your very own home somewhere in the future. Rental properties are viable options for those venturing out on their own for the first time, they can have a comfortable home, while still having enough time to save up and buy their very own house. If you are looking for fully furnished properties in Melbourne

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