How to Choose a Builder

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head-41725_150Choosing the right home builder is an important task. How do you go about it? First you must consider what you need when building your home. You need to know logistics, cost, site selection and if they provide quality ongoing customer service. Also important, do they have the skill needed to do the work, what kind of reputation do they have?

Get Quotes

Once you had decided which builder you would like to go with request they give you a quote. When you are given the quote, be sure to go over it thoroughly. As the customer you should make sure that everything you talked about and require had been included in the quote. Be sure to keep your eyes open for quotes that are unusually low, extra expenses can come back later and become a big problem for you.


Next, make sure that the builder you chose is licensed in Victoria, every builder must be licensed to work here.  In some areas a builder is required to carry warranty insurance. This is to protect the home buyer from fraudulent work. From this point make sure that you are hiring a properly qualified builder. It is important that you hire someone that is willing, able and qualified to do the work you need. They should be licensed with your state’s Office of Fair Trading.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you need to ask. After all it is your home, your money and building-28636_150your future. Be sure to choose a building specialist that can answer your questions, and advise you on the many important issues that you are facing.

Be sure that you have a Building Project Manager. This person will help you with the design and construction of your new home. He should have the knowledge of the process and know how the process works. This person will be with you and see you through the entire building of your home. He will oversee the project from start to finish.