Negotiating Tips

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face-67430_150Some of you may be intimidated and not sure how to go about negotiating with a home builder. They are human and expect you to try to negotiate with them. So don’t be afraid just jump right in you will reap the rewards! We all know the real estate transactions are complicated, but you still need to negotiate with the builder to get the best deal for you. Many builders will tell you that the prices are based on a fixed cost; however, you can get the right deal if you know how to do it.

Research before you make an offer. Even before you meet the builder, research and compare similar homes and properties (size, location) that you are planning to buy. You can even meet with an appraiser to get an idea of how much this should cost you.

Stay calm during the negotiation process. If you are able to stay calm this will make it much easier to negotiate with the seller/builder. The fact that you remain calm may also help you get a better deal. Always keep your emotions in check.

Set your limits, and make a realistic offer. If it is evident that you don’t have a clear and reasonable idea of the cost it will be hard for you and the seller/builder to come to a realistic price.

Negotiate for an upgrade on amenities, this means that you may pay the price the seller/builder wants but you end up with better products in your home. Light fixtures, carpet and better landscaping may be part of the upgrade you and the builder can decide.

Be sure that you choose the right time to negotiate. Often the home builder will agree to reduce the price of the home either at the beginning or the end of the building process. In the beginning the builder wants to sell properties fast. This is to get more people interested in what they are selling. At the end of the process the availability of the units becomes less so they may agree to sell at a lower price at this time as well.

If you do not feel comfortable negotiating with the builder, it may be wise to seek out help from someone who is. Many times a real estate agent will be a great help. Be sure to get a real estate agent with experience, this will help ensure you get the best deal possible.