Welcome! If your looking to build a new home, buy property or renovate the home you live in, your in the right place. BRC-Homes is a new blog dedicated to providing sound advice for construction professionals, DIYers and everyone in between. We will be continually updating the site with industry news, purchasing advice, building and renovation advice and even some great DIY ideas to help save you $$$ and have fun at the same time. While we are new to blogging, we’re all about self improvement and always open to suggestions. Feel free to drop us a comment or e-mail if you have any ideas or are looking for any particular advice. Because we understand that not all of you are numbers people, you will find two invaluable tools to help you calculate concrete requirements and mortgage costs. If you know of any other useful tools/apps like these, please let us know so that we can continue to build this site into a valuable resource.