Different ways of home extension

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Home is the frame of emotions capturing the happy and sorrow moments of life. With the passage of time, this frame keeps on adding the every pinch of life. The running time also come with the need for extra space that can make you to choose between the options either to buy new home or home extension. It is not easy to get new place in Australia, although the idea of home extension is quite affordable and less stressful than buying new home. On the other hand leaving the place where you have spent years with your dear one is not at all easy. The question that remains unanswered is what option of home extension method should be used to utilize the existing space in effective manner. The need for home extension is not restricted to getting extra rooms or creating space form new member. You can extent the area of any space of your home as your desire or you might have think of. There are numerous ways through which you can transform your home in a way you want.

Over Garage Extension

The idea of utilizing existing garage space is more effective than building new ground floor extension. You can easily build first floor over the garage roof and save your money. It is one of the cost effective ways of home extension.


Conservatory is the most used home extension way of Victorian Era. With the perfect usage of glass in more than 50% area with the bricked walled structure, the conservatory home extension brings the essence of greenhouse in your home. With the upgraded modification in the old conservatory version of Victorian there are many more designs available in this pattern like P-shaped, T-shaped and lean conservatory structure.

Loft Conversion

This basically means converting attic space into new bedroom or livable space. It is easier to utilize the loft space than other options.

Single Storey Extension

The easiest and smartest way to transform the home into utilitarian space is single storey extension. Through extending existing room and space you can easily fulfill the need of extra space.  The extension may not seem that much beautiful and pleasant like other method. But in an effective manner one can easily get office space, extra space for reading in the existing home structure.

Portable Granny Flat in The Backyard

Another popular form of extension is to build a small homing structure in the extra space on your land – aka granny flats. One advantage of going with such an option is that if you’re unable to use the home then you can always rent it out to interest people.

Make sure you choose the right granny flat builders in Sydney if you want to make sure you get all the permits approved within the budget. Especially since most of the work is involved with the paper work and the granny flats can be bought as portable granny flats in NSW.

Second storey extension is another way to extend the living space in a way you want to extend. You can create master bedroom, study, gaming area very easily.

No matter whether you require minor or major home extension, there are many home extension options that you can opt for as per the availability of space and your pockets.

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