Simple Tips to Burglar Proof Your Home

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Security of oneself and one’s family is the top most concern for all of us. We spend millions tosecure ourselves from thieves and criminals through cameras, weapons, security guards and alarms. However, despite spending such heavy money on these security measures we often overlook the tiniest of everyday mistakes and details that are present in our house which make us vulnerable to such crime attacks.

Let’s look at some of them and learn how we can avoid these to fully secure ourselves.

Your doors: An easy break-in

If you haven’t thought about this earlier think now; Are all your front and back doors secure enough to not break or be unlocked? Make sure that they are not hollow and strong enough in case a burglar tries to break-in. Change your doors instantly of they are made of cardboard because it is the easiest to break and that’s what makes the burglars job the easiest.

Are the walls surrounding your house safe enough to keep burglars from entering your boundary?

If your walls don’t have barbed wires already then it is time you install them immediately. It is extremely easy for any burglar to climb your wall without being noticed. Barbed wires will help prevent them from entering your boundary.

Your Locks can be the key to Burglary!

Your locks can either lead to or prevent burglary. Make sure you have installed strong locks all around the house’s doors and windows. Secondly, make sure that there are metal guard plates and protective rings on both sides of the lock so that they cannot be opened just from one side.

Do you have a Peephole in your door?

It is unlikely that someone would not have a peephole and depend on people’s voice or one’s own intuition to open the door for strangers or doubtful salespeople. So, don’t depend on your ears or your intuition; get a peephole for your door if you don’t have one already.

Is a Security Alarm enough?

Think about it once again. Can you completely rely on the Company that provides you the alarm system? Or have you installed it because it was cheaper than the other? Don’t make that mistake! This is one thing you need to smartly invest in. Get the alarm system installed by the most reliable company in town so that you can depend upon them in case of emergencies. You can opt for 24 hr emergency locksmith in Melbourne for trustworthy locking solutions in the situation of emergency.

Cover your house completely

It is very preferable to leave windows open for fresh air or a good view but is also something that can give a burglar an insight into your house. So keep your windows covered by curtains at majority times and also switch on some light at night so that it is not completely dark and thus easier for the burglar to break-in.

These are just some of the tactics that will ensure that you burglar proof your house. You can contact here to have stress free and reliable solutions of locking. Other things include not keeping your key under the mat anymore; having the police’s number on your speed dial and not to open doors for strangers such as salesmen or people from other institutions without their identity card just to make sure that you safeguard yourself.