Choose the best handrail for your Staircase

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Choose the best handrail for your Staircase

The most important function of the handrail is to bind together the stair and the railing of the staircase. The handrails, apart from giving a decorative and artistic look to the staircase, also offer safe movement and walk on the staircase.

While choosing the staircase and its design for your house, it is very important to chose the most appropriate type of handrail that fits perfectly with the design of the staircase and also with the interior of your home.

Innovative handrail designs by S&A Stairs

Innovative handrail designs by S&A Stairs

The material, design and construction of the handrail-

There are various types of materials that are used in the construction of handrails. The most common type of material used for the construction of handrails is the wood. These handrails can be crafted from cheery, pine, oak or any other type of wood. Choosing wood for your handrail will be very beneficial in terms of convenience and comfort as they are warmer than any other material such as steel, plastic or oak.

Wood is a very reliable and durable material. If you wish to choose a very strong and durable wood matter, then be ready to spend some more money. Apart from these benefits, a wooden handrail has a high decorative value and gives a classy impression. Many people opt for the wall handrails. They are attached to the wall of the house and are usually located at a height of about 90 cm from the floor.

Modern interiors usually feature glass and metal handrails. A combination of aluminium, iron or wrought iron with wood or glass will add a unique feature in the interior of your house and also look stunningly beautiful. With the correct idea for stair runners, these staircases have an elegant, stylish and airy look about them. They boost up the exclusivity and individuality of the home decor. They also offer a grand visibility and the room looks more spacious and brighter.

The colour of the handrail-

It is very important to choose the colour of your handrail that blends perfectly with the surroundings in which it is constructed. If your house has a forest view, then dark colour will be the better option for the handrail as it blends beautifully with the view. If your house has a lake or ocean view, dark colour will be the wrong choice as it stands out, whereas light colour blends perfectly. If the staircase has a backyard garden view, then green and brown colour will give a rustic look and blend easily with the surrounding area.

The colour of the handrail also has an effect on your mood and feeling. A neutral or passive colour has a soothing effect on the mind. Stainless steel, white or silver colour has a more of a modern or nautical look.

It is clearly your choice if you want the colour of the handrail to match with the colour of the room or the deck it is built on. If you paint the handrail of the contrasting colour of the room, it will draw attention to the handrail. If you chose the similar colour it will blend with the room.

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