Importance of safety during demolition in Melbourne

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Demolition process is the most risk-taking and a tough job to accomplish as it requires lots of manpower, advanced machinery and many other safety measures to be taken. A demolition corporation must be very careful about both the worker safety and environmental safety.

Limited Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

Demolition work involves many of the same hazards that arise during other construction activities. There are some chemicals and hazardous materials like asbestos and lead in home construction. The older houses have greater chances of asbestos when compared to the new houses. The various hazardous materials that can be found are as follows:

  • Synthetic mineral Fibers
  • Wood Dust Containing Formaldehyde
  • Lead Paint


Demolition operations often cause noise levels that exceed the requirement for hearing protection. These noise levels are caused by the use of high level explosives, machinery tools, and should be controlled through the use of engineering controls

There are many other risks such as:

  • Isolation of services, for example, power, water and gas
  • Ensuring asbestos has been identified and removed before demolition begins
  • Site security
  • Public protection, including exclusion zones & protective structures to avoid falling objects landing outside the demolition site
  • Traffic management
  • The safe removal of hazardous substances
  • Working at height
  • Structural stability at every stage of the process to prevent unplanned collapses

Following are a few safety measures to be adopted during these destruction/demolition works:

  • Demolition work may be performed only under the supervision of authorized and qualified personnel.
  • The best way to ensure safety during demolition operations is making the necessary preparations before you start, says IRB Tippers & Bobcat Hire. The initial step of this process is making an engineering inspection. Make sure an experienced person does this task, one who perfectly knows the condition of the building. This person must indicate in the inspection the state of the floors, walls, framing and the possibility of unplanned collapse of any part of the structure.
  • It’s important to determine if any hazardous material like chemicals, explosives or gases have been used with any equipment in the construction. If such material is present, then testing and purging must be done first to eliminate this hazard.

Fall Protection

  • Inspect all stairs, passageways, and ladders; illuminate all stairways.
  • Shut off or cap all electric, gas, water, steam, sewer, and other service lines; notify appropriate utility companies.
  • Employees must not be permitted to work where structural collapse hazards exist until they are corrected by shoring, bracing, or other effective means.


Teams must be familiar with all aspects of work, regardless of their area of work. It’s important that each and every employee understands what equipment should be worn and present throughout the demolition.

Experienced and trained employees

It’s absolutely necessary that only trained and experienced employees handle the more dangerous and explosive materials, especially when using heavy machinery like the posi track bobcat. These employees should be trained, professional, mature and experienced enough to handle the responsibility and carefulness required by those handling explosives.

Recycling of Materials

It is very important to recycle the material form a demolished building and material include:

  • Concrete -  There may be tonnes and tonnes of concrete available in the demolition site and this concrete crushed into the stones that are a high-demand material that is used for the new constructions.

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