Most common pests in Australian homes

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Damage caused by pests is a common problem across the world. There are different types of pests found in different parts of the world. Pest infestations can cause a significant amount of damage. It is hence extremely important to recognize the early signs of pest infestations. Early detection can help homeowners take preventive measures in order to minimize the damage caused by pests. In order to recognise the early signs, it is important to first understand the different types of pests that may prove to be a threat in certain areas. Australia due to its unique weather conditions provides a suitable environment for various pests to breed. It is hence very important to hire the right pest control expert in your city.

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Common pests in Australian homes

Every year, a large number of Australian homeowners hire professional pest control services. The main types of pests that may attack Australian homes include:


While a small number of ants are generally considered harmless, an army of them may prove to be troublesome. Ants belong to the wasp family. While they are usually not considered harmful for humans, they may cause much damage in the kitchen pantry. There are a number of extermination sprays available in the market which can be effective for controlling a small number of them; professional services may be hired for controlling an army of them.


Cockroaches are a common problem in most parts of the world. They are the most common of all pests. Cockroach exterminators available in the market generally prove to be effective. Baits or cockroach sprays may also provide effective solutions. In order to prevent cockroach invasion, it is important to keep food items in sealed containers and keep waste containers covered. However, if your house has been invaded by a large number of them, professional techniques and methods may be used for controlling them. Often while cleaning air ducts in Melbourne, one expert says they find a lot of cockroaches, may be its the weather..

Rodents – Mice and Rats

These are the most dreaded of all household pests as they are considered to be germ carriers. They usually make their nests in attics and basements. If a nest has been created, it may become important to hire professional exterminators for finding solutions to the problem. The symptoms of mice and rat infestation include scraping sounds, holes created in plastic containers and cardboard boxes and droppings and excreta on the floor.


Spiders control and inspection look scary and may be found practically anywhere. The good news however remains that spiders are not found in packs. This decreases the chances of infestation. However, white egg sacks may give rise to baby spiders and it is best to destroy them at the earliest.

White Ants/ Termites

Termites are capable of causing a lot of damage. Termites can cause extensive damage to wooden structures and may hence be avoided at all costs. Regular inspections can help control termite infestations. In case your home has already been infested, it is best to hire professional services to ensure that they are effectively controlled.


Wasps belong to the ant family with the basic difference that they fly. Wasps also have a nasty sting. Wasps create nests and it is best to destroy the nest in order to avoid their infestation. Certain sprays available in the market can also help control wasps. While dealing with them, it is however important to be careful of their sting.  There are various kinds of pests that may infest homes. It is hence important to understand the damage that they may cause before taking measures for their control.

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