Motorised Roman blinds with smart phone control

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Roman blinds add a lot of beauty to any room. They can easily be moved with the use of remote control devices. In case you have a home automation system, the roman blinds can be connected to it as well. This allows upward and downward movement to be controlled using a smartphone, as seen in this video. You can see a part of the app interface here. Very little noise comes from the blinds when they are moving. Not only can you control the blinds while inside the house, but also from anywhere else in the world. If you have forgotten to lower them, you can do so while sitting in some other...

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How to renovate a bathroom

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So it’s been busy, and a long time since you last paid attention to your home’s appearance. If you feel that your home is lacking the splendor and attraction of its initial days, and now looks ancient and boring, time for some change! And with BRC Homes at your service, home improvement and maintenance would no longer remain a time-consuming tussle to deal with. We’ll help you with every bit of management and selections that you’d need to take care of, from providing contacts you can trust in the market – in stores and service. Get the best furniture, accessories, glasswork, flooring and...

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Building & Home Improvement Expo

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Blinds are an integral part of home improvement. They help in limiting the amount of sunlight that enters the house and also impart beauty. There are a number of companies in Australia which sell roman blinds. An expo is the best place to find such blinds. In this video, footage has been captured from a Home Improvement expo that took place in Melbourne. An interview with a person from Cameron Blinds and Awnings is shown here. All the services provided at their company are explained here. It is not just homes but even schools, offices and other commercial buildings which are covered by them....

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Helpful Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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Home-maintenance is certainly a difficult task and requires a lot of versatility to be carried out. Even after you are equipped enough to be able to deal with smaller day to day issues that arise, there are times when professional assistance is specially needed. If you have any home-maintenance related issue bothering you, be it glass repair, choked water systems, landscaping works, design and decor and so on, BRC Homes is your blog. The illustrated articles we share are well-researched, and include the best hacks and advice, compiled by experts and upto date with modern home designs and...

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Gutter Guard Cleaning & Repairs

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Protection of gutters is important for regular drainage. Without this protection, it may become difficult to prevent water and other impurities from being stuck. Different types of gutter guards are available in the market. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to check with the professionals which one is best for your roof. In this video, you will be able to see the cleaning of an existing metal gutter guard. All permanently attached screws have to be removed for this. The roof here is made of concrete and it is clear that the material is slowly...

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Better Homes and Gardens

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Wish to renew your living style, change your present house, or build a new home? This blog is where your search ends. We provide you with all sorts of housing, construction and renovation related articles, from where, as professionals you learn tips in business, and as homemakers you get DIY tips in home decor. We therefore help you in good research and understanding before you invest in building or buying. Do watch the video given along side here. It shows some tips to arrange your stuff efficiently and maintain your homes, or as ideas to give to your clients once you’re done with the...

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